At 3Man, we believe in fully integrating ourselves in your business, developing a true partnership with you and your employees. Our team is made up of a wide variety of developers, architects, business analysts, at various levels of seniority. Our expansive knowledge in the software development arena allows us to help you find the best solutions so you can grow your company using the CRM technology suited for the business. Our goal is to help your enterprise leverage CRM (SalesForce, Siebel & SAP), through customization and training allowing you to maximize the benefits of the products. Whether you’re a startup looking to leave your mark on the world or a well-established enterprise wanting to run operations more smoothly, 3Man can help you leverage Salesforce, Zoho or other CRM Applications.

Zoho and 3Man

3Man Consulting is partner of Zoho Corporation, specializes in providing a holistic solution to organizations in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and enterprise computing processes by using Web based advanced Internet tools. 

Our advisory panel includes experts in CRM, web designers, trainers and specialists in the field of digital marketing search engine optimization SEO. Our consultants have extensive experience in a variety of different industries, using cutting edge web tools.

UI Design

Bring together all of the disparate data from various people, platforms, systems, departments, and clients. We customize Salesforce so you can see all of these interactions in one simplified location, saving time and resources while taking customer service and tracking to a completely new level.


We bring a proven methodology, deep technology expertise and industry best practices to your project.

System Integration

We develop a strategic roadmap to help chart your course with Salesforce or Zoho and reach your goals via a series of phased projects.


We provide ongoing support to proactively maintain your solution and maximize return on your investment.

Our Partners