We help you set up and use technology to raise funds and spread the word about your mission more effectively and more efficiently. We’ve seen too many social impact organizations losing opportunities for learning and innovation because their data are trapped on paper forms and Excel spreadsheets. We were inspired to create a company delivering technology solutions that are unlocking a culture of transparency, collaboration, and data-informed decision-making.

Software Implementation & Support

Are you ready to update your technology solution or implement something entirely new? We help you select, set up, and manage the right software solution to meet your organization’s needs.

CRM Consulting

We work with market-leading platforms for customer relationship management, and provide custom CRM solutions to ensure you get the CRM that can naturally fit daily work and help to turn customer experience into your competitive advantage.

Customized Development

Our experienced and certified developers have the ability to translate any business process into a simple and intuitive module on the any cloud platform, regardless of the complexity of the process.

Business Strategy Development

We help management teams to research, evaluate and plan new approaches to their business and operational processes through assisting with market research, process mapping, change management and strategy development.

Measuring Social Impact

We help our clients to develop a framework for defining and measuring their impact, establishing monitoring tools and third party apps and offer an independent evaluation service to evaluate the impact of your organisation and services.

Support and Training.

We also provide train-the-trainers courses tailored to your system, delivered either via a webinar or in person. And we would be happy to provide ongoing telephone support, as rates you will find competitive.

Strategic design and software company customer experience.

"To create a gratifying life, we at 3Man combine service design with business processes and IT architecture."