3Man Makes Siebel Simple

Siebel CRM
Customer-services today, go beyond meeting customer expectations, and require organizations to anticipate and exceed their customers’ requirements. Integrated customer-service information on customer's service histories and behavior has become crucial to help businesses sell better and increase customer. 3Man Consulting provides organizations with Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/ Analytics strategies and solutions, across all major CRM functional areas including sales, marketing and field service.

Client Challenges

Some challenges that arise while trying to improve customer experience include:
• Managing complex customer information
• Reducing total cost of ownership
• Identifying and implementing the ideal CRM solution that facilitates a shift towards a more customer-centric mind-set within the organization
• Increasing acceptance and knowledge of the CRM, amongst employees

What 3Man Provides

3Man offers organizations end-to-end services ranging from devising the ideal CRM strategy to implementation of the Siebel CRM application. Our Siebel solutions include:

• Siebel Implementation: Enabled by our Siebel implementation framework, reusable components and prototyping, 3Man’s Siebel provides the full spectrum of Siebel implementation services.
• Siebel Upgrade:3Man’s Siebel Upgrade team possesses experience with all versions of Siebel CRM, including the latest Siebel 8.1.2. The team works towards helping customers identify business benefits, optimize new functionalities and also provides training and other business simplification opportunities.
• Integration across different legacy applications from/to Siebel:3Man’s Siebel has expertise in middleware including webMethods, MQ Series, Tibco JMS Queues and more. We offer organizations specifically customized and cost-optimized integration solutions from/to Siebel.
• Siebel Maintenance Support:3Man’s unified approach to Maintenance and Siebel administration is proven and time-tested. We offer QA services and Siebel Administration services to support complex Siebel projects. Further, our high quality support services for Siebel implementations, help organizations minimize application and user downtime with strict adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
• Siebel Testing/Quality Assurance:3Man employs best industry tools, such as QTP, LoadRunner, Test Director, and more, to provide organizations with a wide range of Siebel testing services spanning over multiple domains.